Friday Night Op Debrief

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Friday night proved to be an excellent night for our first serious operation. With the Waterson/Jaeger merger fresh from the night before we took to Esamir and lay down a hurt on the NC they won’t soon forget. With only 18 players NUC managed to hold off several platoons of advancing NC as they approached the Esamir Warpgate. Though severely outnumbered the members of NUC decided to advantage of the terrain at Frostbite Harbor to make a stand. With their Prowlers up they waited for the NC to advance onto the frozen lake. After the first NC tank was spotted and destroyed, over 60 more NC armored vehicles would meet their end at the hands of the small NUC squad before the NC was forced to retreat. Shortly after the defense TR reinforcements arrived on Esamir and the night would end with a continent over 75% controlled by TR.

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