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NUC Gaming is actively recruiting for our outfit. We are looking to fill our our numbers in two separate areas. The first is our competitive platoon. With 27 members who have played FPS games at the highest levels, we have a very strong base for having the strongest platoon in the world. We are looking for a few more people to fill out that number so we can consistently field a full 48 members of the best players that Planetside 2 has ever seen. Our members come from teams including Check Six, 20ID, Doctors, United 5, Zero Point, Area 51, Pure Gaming, IOV, Locked on Target, and many more top organizations that would take too long to list. If you believe that you are a top Planetside 2 player and would fit into this environment fill out the application here (link needed) and tell us what sets you apart from the crowd.

Additionally, we are also looking for people to fill out our community numbers. We have a growing number of people in NUC who enjoy playing with a competent group of people, but don’t want to invest the time into being the best that Planetside 2 has to offer. The only requirement we ask of people for our community, is to be fun to play with. If this is something you feel you would be interested in don’t hesitate to fill out an application (link needed) or ask any of our members online to send you an invite to one of our squads.

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