3/6/13 Op Debrief

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While the original plan for this Wednesday Night Ops was to help take Esamir, when NUC arrived the continent was already easily taken which led the outfit over to their first Ops Night on Amerish. When NUC began their push on Amerish the Vanu population dwarfed both the TR and NC. Vanu’s 57% population control gave them a significant advantage over the 20% TR population which saw defeats at nearly every point throughout the night. When facing such staggering numbers, the highly skilled members of NUC know that while they may not be able to hold out indefinitely, they simply need to hold off long enough to receive reinforcements from the rest of the TR faction.

With this in mind NUC moved to Blackshard Tungsten Mine. This is a highly defensible position which allows a few well placed soldiers to hold out for an extended period of time against greater numbers. With only a squad and a half facing over a platoon of Vanu, the defense was looking good. Our Burster MAXs took down an entire fleet of Vanu air, our Heavy Assaults took down a squadron of tanks, and our infantry took down squads after squad of infantry. Finally the push became too much and the members of NUC had to fall back to a new position.

Jagged Lance Mine proved to be exactly what NUC needed to regain their foothold. With a solid defense at Jagged Lance the Vanu population moved to warp gate the remaining NC on the server which gave NUC a chance to push out and take back Crux Mining Operation and a little bit of buffer.

After warp gating NC, the Vanu moved back in force. Multiple Platoons complete with air, armor, and infantry pushed on Crux Mining destroying the Prowler line NUC had set up to receive the Vanu. A quick shift allowed NUC to fortify on the A tower position inside Crux and set up MAXs, Engineers, and Medics on the stairs. After 15 minutes of pushing into certain death the Vanu got discouraged and left to rearm and resupply. A few minutes later, the Vanu again pushed on the fortification at Crux Mining Operation. They saw no more luck in the second push. NUC held firm slaughtering all the infantry who dared try to push up the stairs with a lethal cross fire. The Vanu again got discouraged and left the point to regroup. The Vanu, though discouraged, were not done. One more time, they brought their multiple platoon push on the 2 squads of NUC infantry. One more time, NUC used their strats and skills to push off superior numbers and finally saw the Vanu morale crack. Their population dipped from 70% down to a manageable 35% which would not be capable of taking Esamir.

Overall the night was a great success and we were able to keep the Vanu from pushing all the way through Esamir. Our next Op Night with be Friday (3/9/13) at 8 EST.


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